Real Ones back in London


The five-piece band from Bergen, Norway, will be back to play at the Electroacoustic Club in London on 22 May, following the gig in April and release of their debut UK single 'Outlaw' in February.

Real Ones, five childhood friends from the same neighbourhood, have played music together since they were kids, and although they are still only in their mid-twenties the band has already existed for more than 10 years. These five close friends mould a magical kaleidoscope of sound. There is the hearty, autumnal nature of warm folk, interspersed with a swirling psychedelic brood. Throw in a wave of cute three-part harmonies, and some devilishly intoxicating melodies to result in one fulfilling, head-spinning brew.

After their first tour in Canada in 1998, Real Ones toured all over Europe and North America. Having built up a reputation as a fantastic live band, they released their debut album ‘This is Camping’ (2003) to excellent reviews. Their follow up, ‘Home With The Girls In The Morning’ (2005) received further praise, and the single ‘Ballad Of An Old Man’ was nominated for ‘song of the year’ by the Norwegian composer’s association TONO. The band recently pocketed the prestigious Norwegian By:Larm Award, and are currently recording their third album, ‘All For The Neighbourhood’, due out on Warner Music Norway spring 2008.

Real Ones 
22 May
Electroacoustic Club
The Slaughtered Lamb
34-45 Great Sutton St
London EC1V 0DX


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The five-piece band from Bergen will play in London on 22 May.

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