Xploding Plastix at Spitz

Acclaimed sample based duo Xploding Plastix are adjusting envelope filters, manipulating LFOs, observing BPMs and triggering samples at the Spitz Friday 20 February - an event not to be missed.

18/02/2004 :: With tinges of the crispy jazz-beats of Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, as well as Seventies Italian-erotic film music and especially early Morricone works, Xploding Plastix compose their music from a plethora of samples and cut ups.

 Juxtaposing a vibrant organic sound, fleeced with melody and windup-playful beats and rhythmical trickery aplenty: Cinematic Orchestra spring to mind, merged with the brooding energetic patterns of early DJ Shadow.

"DJ Food's mad drums, Aphex Twin's time signatures and The Herbaliser's moodiest, cinematic bits. Awesome." NME

Fri 20 Feb - Xploding Plastix + Sonic Dragolgo

£5 before 9pm / £8 after

The Spitz
109 Commercial Street,
Old Spitalfields Market,
London E1 6BG
box office & info 020 7392 9032 fax 020 7377 8915

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Photo: Stian Andersen