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 Date:26/05/2005 - 06/08/2005
 Type:Culture, Concerts

No9 Publicity presents forthcoming shows from Mental Overdrive, Shining, Susanna & The Magical Orchestra, The Thing, Efterklang and Jaga Jazzist


Thursday 26th May, London, Fabric
Norwegian dance music pioneer Mental Overdrive will be making an all too rare live appearance at the Taste Of Sonar night at Fabric. Also on the bill are Jamie Lidell and Hot Chip.
LATEST RELEASE Since his early days at the seminal R&S Records (the label that also discovered Aphex Twin), Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive has been one of the big innovators in electronic music. He is the mentor of the Røyksopp guys and the whole Norwegian electronic underground. “083” is his first album release since “Ad Absurdium” on Virgin Records in 1998.

“A warm and welcoming record ripe with dippy melodies and celestial disco that anyone can get into” Vice
“Cheeky cheesy and incredibly infectious. Inspect” DJ
“Suggests Orbital worked over by Two Lone Swordsman” Time Out
“True Tromso Terranova” Update


Wednesday 1st June, London, Mean Fiddler

Shining make their UK debut with sister project Jaga Jazzist.
CURRENT RELEASE  “In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster” is Shining’s third album and their first for Rune Grammofon, marking a distinct change of direction. While their previous offerings could easily be categorised as jazz, their new album is a much more varied affair that has more in common with progressive art rock, going from heavy, complex riffing to subtle and lyrical passages. For the first time they use a number of guitars, vintage keyboards, horns and percussion instruments. But forget endless synth soloing, twenty minute directionless “symphonies” and incomprehensible lyrics about cosmos; this is a fresh, vital and highly evolved collection of music, and it’s quite remarkable to think it’s all written and conceived by someone so young.
“Jazz electronica and techno are collapsing at their respective margins” Observer
“raucaus and unpredictable Shining convince, surprise and don’t outstay their welcome”Jazzwise
“Shining have jumped from jazz to something much bigger” New York Times
“The levels of complexity of this recording could be described as a post-punk “Unanswered Questions”” The Wire
“Check it out” Pitchforkmedia      


Sunday 5th June, Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham with Gilles Peterson, Matthew Herbert….
Saturday 6th August, Big Chill, Eastnor with Emiliana Torrini, Nouvelle Vague….
For many people one of last years great discoveries was duo Susanna & The Magical Orchestra.  Now following their two sold-out London shows they return to the UK for appearances at the Wychwood and Big Chill festivals.
LATEST RELEASE Susanna and her orchestra is in fact a duo -  singer Susanna Wallumrød (24) and keyboard player Morten Qvenild (25). The first time it hit us that this was something very special was when we heard a demo including their versions of “Jolene” and Leonard Cohen´s “Hallelujah”. The second time was when, with an intimate and intense performance, they managed to silence a festive and lively audience at Rune Grammofon´s five year celebration. Many were taken by their highly personal interpretation of “Jolene”, but also their own songs like “Believer”, and “Friend” made strong impressions. Their approach to “Jolene” with Susanna´s heartfelt delivery brings a new dimension to the Dolly Parton classic. The debut album “List Of Lights And Buoys” which has been difficult for some to find will be restocked by the shops this summer.

“Like a broken-hearted, fragile-minded majorette, Susanna Wallumrod throws dazzling notes in the air and dares Morten Qvenild’s sparse electronica to catch them” ****  THE GUARDIAN
“Beautiful, spare, hypnotic, like Sinatra’s Where Are You? Aimee Mann’s Bachelor No2 and all great torch-song collections” **** MOJO
“Breathtakingly beautiful, deceptively simple, deeply affecting collection of ghostly electronic melancholia.  A dolorous delight.” ****UNCUT 
“Wallumrød’s voice takes your breath away – a presence as bewitching and unfathomable as any you’ll encounter in 2004.”OBSERVER
“  It’s not exactly fun, fun, fun – but as small-hours pondering records go, it’s a keeper.”


Sunday 5th June, London, Bardens Boudoir with Four Tet and Prefuse 73
Following the release of their acclaimed Garage album The Thing make their UK debut.
CURRENT RELEASE Having just released their critically acclaimed new album Garage, the Thing teams up with their old friend Joe McPhee and Norwegian garage rockers Cato Salsa Experience for Sounds Like A Sandwich.  Sounds like a Sandwich is a limited edition recording of their first collaboration together at last years Kongsberg Jazz Festival.
“The Thing convert nouveau punk and vintage garage rock into a roaring scream-up, but the sheer energy and love of the music keeps gimmickry at bay” **** Uncut
“They play free-jazz as if it’s garage punk” **** Sunday Times
“Absurdly cook” **** DJ
“A sonic Garage-Jazz manifesto you never knew you liked” 8/10 LoDown
“Growling, menacing and a little scary, it’s actually very good” Straight No Chaser


Wednesday 1st June, London Mean Fiddler
Friday 3rd June, Brighton
Saturday 4th June, Bristol, Fiddlers
Sunday 5th June, Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham
Monday 6th June, Norwich, Arts Centre
Tuesday 7th June, Glasgow, Kings Court
Thursday 9th June, Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
Friday 10th June, Belfast, Spring & Airbrake
Saturday 11th June, Dublin, The Village
Following the release of their latest album Jaga Jazzist return for their first proper UK tour.
CURRENT RELEASE  Ever since their beginnings Jaga have been a band who have searched for something different – without any interest in the latest trends, with no concern for who is on the cover of which magazine, this ten piece collective from Norway have focussed their efforts on evolving a unique sound which can collectively express their musical ideas. It’s a quest that’s been going on for a decade now.
“Ten-piece Norwegian jazz outfit they may be, but JJ are completely devoid of any noodle-wankery. If you can’t love a band who mix Aphex-style electronica with experimental grooviness like ‘I Have A Ghost Now What?’ then you’re dead baby.” 7/10 NME

“Where they once twisted jazz into jagged, exciting forms, now Jaga are taking rock in whole new directions too.  Marvellous” **** Metro

“A notable return to form” **** Jazzwise
“The record they’ve been working towards all these years” 8/10 Rock Sound
“This is the sound ambitious rock bands wishing they could shake off their shackles hear in their imaginations, but almost never achieve” *** Sunday Times


Friday 3rd June, ICA, with Under Byen
Saturday 4th June, Venn Festival, Bristol, with DJ Rupture, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Z’Ev, Matt Elliott...
Friday 5th August, The Big Chill, Eastnor, with The Bays, The Earlies, Tunng....
Following the UK release of their mini-album, Springer, Efterklang will return to the UK for a show at the ICA in June followed by The Venn Festival in Bristol and The Big Chill in Eastnor..

CURRENT RELEASE Before Tripper, their acclaimed debut album released at the end of 2004, Danish eight-piece Efterklang released the Springer EP in 2003 on their own tiny Rumraket label in an edition of just 500 copies (packaged in white fake fur!). Those who were enchanted by the beauty of the album will find Springer no less an astounding display of maximal impact from minimal input.
“As their name implies, this music should continue to reverberate in your memory for a long time to come” Pitchfork
“The vocal subtlety is one of the many things that makes Tripper an album to savour over time rather than one that delivers an immediate hit. Five stars” The Guardian
“Beautifully intoxicating… makes everyday moments sound more meaningful” Word
“Tripper burns with a melancholic yearning that belies its cool knowing and aching vulnerability, rendering it utterly beguiling”
5/5 The Irish Times
both lonely wilderness expanses and intimate nights accompanied by nothing but your thoughts”4/5 DJ            

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Efterklang - 3 June at ICA, London, 4 June at Venn Festival, Bristol and 5 August at Big Chill, EastnorPhoto:

The Thing - 5 June at Bardens Boudoir in LondonPhoto: Rune Mortensen

Mental Overdrive - 26 May at Fabric, LondonPhoto: Nicholas Sillitoe