New rock band tours the UK

 Date:17/02/2006 - 24/02/2006
 Type:Culture, Music

Norwegian rock band Lukestar tours the UK in February following the release of their debut album 'Alpine Unit'.

The band, based in Oslo, play what they describe as 'energetic and emotional rock, where the well-written pop tune is central'. The members of the band, all in their twenties, first release the debut album during the summer of 2004. The album was co-produced by Erlend Mokkelbost of rock band JR Ewing and Tommy Hjelm, who was in charge of the recording of JR Ewing's "Ride Paranoia".

Lukestar has been embraced by the international underground scene, and 'Alpine Unit' has been released in the UK, Japan, Spain and Portugal. The legendary American label Deep Elm Records has also featured Lukestar, as the first ever Norwegian band, on its compilation “The Emo-Diaries #10”, released in April 2004.

Lukestar UK tour

Friday 17 February - Liverpool, The Slaughterhouse
Saturday 18 February - Glasbury, The Village Hall
Sunday 19 February - Birmingham, The Flapper & Firkin
Monday 20 February - Glasgow, Bar Bloc
Tuesday 21 February - London, The Rhythm Factory
Thursday 23 February - Margate, The Quabar
Friday 24 February - Barnsley, The Archers


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Lukestar tours the UK in FebruaryPhoto: © Jørgen T. Gomnæs