Kurt's UK launch

World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen is excited about his launch in the UK, which began with a concert for the press and the music business at the Villiers Theatre in London on 20 April, Dagbladet reports.

22/04/2004 :: Kurt will be launched throughout Europe. "BMG executives have awarded Kurt global priority, which means that all countries within the BMG network are obligated to promote him," says product manager Cecilie Torp-Holthe of BMG Norway.

"Not many Norwegian artists have been given a a go at the UK market. I have and that's a major compliment. Before me lies an incredible opportunity," says Nilsen to Dagbladet.

BMG describes the concert at Villiers Theatre as a very important event in Kurt's career.

The UK release of the single "She's So High" will coincide with Norway's Constitution Day 17 May.

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Kurt Nilsen