British star-makers want Norwegian Idol

Norwegian Kurt Nilsen, winner of the first World Idol competition, may be on the way to wider international success.

15/01/2004 ::

The pop music star-makers 19 Management, created by Simon Fuller who put together the Spice Girls and the Idol concept, wants to sign the Norwegian talent, newspaper Dagbladet reports.

Dagbladet claimed to know that a dialog was underway between Nilsen's Norwegian manager Jan Fredrik Karlsen and 19 Management in London, despite no public confirmation from either side.

19 Management has the American and British Idol winners under contract but Nilsen, who won the global final, has signed with BMG and the tiny Norwegian management company Playroom.

"It surprises me that they haven't done it (signed Kurt) already. Kurt has really done well and he should have good prospects in the future," said British business manager Adam Hopkins of Target.

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Kurt Nilsen, a 25-year-old former plumber from Norway, conquered early favorites Kelly Clarkson and Will Young to claim the honorary title of "World Idol" last Thursday.