Kings of Convenience in Leicester

 Date:14/08/2004 - 12/10/2004

On hearing The Kings of Convenience for the first time you might mistake them for Nick Drake, Belle & Sebastian, or even Burt Bacharach. They are in fact a duo from Norway, singer/guitarist Erik Glambek Bøe and guitarist Erlend Øye.

They charmed their way into listeners’ hearts with their lovely debut CD Quiet Is The New Loud with its honest storytelling, wide-eyed lyricism and acoustic fearlessness in the face of fashion. Their new CD Riot On An Empty Street has garnered similar plaudits for its warm melodies and exquisitely detailed ruminations. The lush, sombre love songs performed in hushed tones display a maturity and disregard of things mainstream rarely seen in young bands, with the honesty of the feelings and lyrics only helping to enrich each song.

Live, “they live or die by their melodies: every note is hauntingly perfect” NME.

14 August at De Monfort Hall

De Montfort Hall
Granville Road

Enquiries: 0116 233 3111
Box Office: 0116 233 3111

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Eirik Glambek Boe, left, and Erlend Øye