Ketil Bjørnstad in concert

 Type:Culture, Concert
 Location:England, Bath

'Cultural prodegy' pianist Ketil Bjørnstad and cellist Svante Henryson are performing at the Bath International Music Festival on 29 May

Ketil Bjørnstad is a remarkable Norwegian cultural figure, combining his prominence as a classically trained concert pianist with an equally illustrious reputation as a novelist and poet. Bjørnstadt the polymath creates reflective and impressionistic music, drawing on the jazz and classical canon as well as distinctive Nordic jazz soundscapes. His atmospheric performances conjure the cool, clear midnight air of the fjords, drawing on inspirations as disparate as English poet John Donne and his own film soundtrack for Jean Luc Godard’s Forever Mozart.

Ketil Bjørnstad piano
Svante Henryson cello

Ketil Bjørnstad in concert

Sun 29 May 2005

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Venue: Guildhall | Cost: £7 or admission by Jazz Pass
Tickets also available from the Festivals Box Office on 01225 463362

Guildhall, High Street
Telephone: 01225 477724
Fax: 01225 477442

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Ketil Bjørnstad - novelist, poet, essayist and musician