Röyksopp is back!

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Norwegian electronica masters Röyksopp return with their much-anticipated third album 'Junior', which features collaborations with rising stars Robyn and Lykke-Li.

'Junior' follows the massive success of Röyksopp's debut album 'Melody AM' and the subsequent release 'The Understanding'. On their third album the band fuses elements of both their previous albums with a blend of electro, house and collaborations with Swedish singers of the moment Robyn and Lykke Li. The band's favourite singers from their previous two releases, Norwegian Anneli Drecker and Karin Dreijer from Sweden, also contribute to the new album.

"Every once in a while we surface to share our music and shed some light in an otherwise bleak reality," say the boys. "Sounds self-centred and pompous, you say? Yes indeed! We’re so confident because this time around we’ve worked with the likes of Robyn and Lykke Li, as well as old time friends Anneli Drecker and Karin Dreijer - hence our enthusiasm!"

Röyksopp ‘Junior’ track list:
Happy Up Here
The Girl And The Robot
Vision One
This Must Be It
Röyksopp Forever
Miss It So Much
Tricky Tricky
You Don’t Have A Clue
Silver Cruiser
True To Life
It’s What I Want

'Junior' is out in the UK on the 23 March.

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Röyksopp's third album 'Junior' is out 23 March.Photo: Stian Andersen

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