Sheer unadulterated rock power: JR Ewing at The Metro

Scratchy Telecasters and tonsil tearing vocals dominate the soundscape produced by this energetic Norwegian quintet who are playing at The Metro, London 24 February.

23/02/2004 :: With great reviews from both American and British music press the future looks bright for these 5 young men from Oslo.

"Catharsis is achieved, the metaphor for rock 'n' roll energy is deposited, and you can use your wounded gear the day after next. Ride Paranoia is this intelligent obliteration." (8.0/10)


"JR Ewing have re-instilled my faith in rock music, and if someone up there in heaven is listening, please bring JR Ewing to NYC because I would love to see what this band can unleash live on stage."

"Maybe if someone shot them, they'd get the attention they really deserve" (8/10)

24.02.04 - London, UK @ The Metro (+ Seven Feet Four)
19-23 Oxford Street London W1

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"You don't want this album. You need it." KERRANG MAGAZINE (UK)

"Jr Ewing might be a mainstay in its home of Norway, but can be considered one of the most formidable new groups to grace the United States in 2003." ALLMUSIC.COM (USA)