Jaga Jazzist UK tour

Hot, crossover ten-piece Jaga Jazzist land a strong review in NME. International media is now running reviews of Jaga Jazzist's excellent album 'What We Must', which the band is currently touring

14/06/2005 ::  

Tour dates:

11.06.05 Ireland, Dublin, The Village
10.06.05 Northern Ireland, Belfast, Spring & Airbrake
09.06.05 Scotland, Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
07.06.05 Scotland, Glasgow, Mono
06.06.05 UK, Norwich, Norwich Arts Centre
05.06.05 UK, Cheltenham, Wychwood Festival
04.06.05 UK, Bristol, Fiddlers
03.06.05 UK, Brighton, Pavillion Theatre
01.06.05 UK, London, Mean Fiddler

One of the latest is a very positive one from the latest issue of NME: "Ten-piece Norwegian jazz outfit they may be, but JJ are completely devoid of any noodle-wankery. If you can`t love a band who mix Aphex style electronica with experimental grooviness like "I Have A Ghost, Now What" then you`re dead, baby" (7/10, Rob Fitzpatrick, NME)

Jaga's debut in the recorded format came in the form of an EP titled 'Jævla Jazzist Grete Stitz', released in 1996 and now sold out. In 1998 dBut Records released their second outing, the 'Magazine EP' – recently re-released to great critical acclaim on Smalltown Supersound.

The collective's debut album and definitive break-through came in 2001 with 'A Livingroom Hush'. The album, recorded and mixed in Bergen's Duper Studios and produced by Jørgen Træen, was released by Warner in Norway but it was London's legendary indie Ninja Tunes that was to secure the world-wide rights of the album. 'A Livingroom Hush' sold nearly to gold in Norway and was voted Jazz album of the Year by BBC Music.

Jaga's second full-length album 'The Stix' saw its domestic release in August 2002 and the international release the next spring. 'The Stix' reached no. 3 on the domestic sales charts, and was met with very strong reviews at home and abroad. Jaga have followed up on the strong album reviews with highly successful tours in Europe, USA and Canada.

Over the years a number of players have joined and exited the ranks of Jaga Jazzist, and the collective now counts ten members: Mathias Eick (trumpet, double bass, keys), Anders Hana (guitars + effects), Even Ormestad (bass + keys), Andreas Mjøs (vibraphone, guitars, percussion + electronics), Line Horntveth (tuba + percussion), Martin Horntveth (drums + drum-machines), Lars Horntveth (tenor sax, bass-clarinet, guitars + keys), Andreas Schei (keyboards), Ketil Einarsen (flutes, Wind Controller, percussion + keys) and Lars Wabø (trombone + percussion).

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Jaga Jazzist 'What We Must' is out now