Oh my God, Ida Maria is here!!

Cool Britannia, brace yourself; Norwegian rock sensation Ida Maria is about to hit the country. The singer, who has taken Norway by storm this year, now releases her debut single ‘Oh My God’ here in the UK.

Q Magazine has already fallen in love with Ida and describes the artist and her tune as “The Strokes fronted by Bjork – that’ll give you some idea of the itchy, tick-tock energy that fizzes through Ida Maria’s debut single Oh My God. The Norwegian-born singer describes it as "a song to have a panic attack to - like a desperate shout.” That description tells you much about Ida Maria’s hyperactive, full-tilt approach: she once went so crazy on stage she cracked her ribs. Another time she head-butted a guitar and sustained a gushing head wound. A Norah Jones-style shrinking violet she is not.”

“I come from a tiny tiny place far north in Norway called Nesna,” tells Ida Maria. “Nesna has got 1776 inhabitants and one gas station, two grocery stores, one closed-down shoe factory called Nesnalobben - and a lot of mountains. So. What do you do.”

Well, Ida Maria used to skate a lot around the local gas station on her rollerblades. “My parents tried to make me play the piano, it did not work out at all. But one day when I was baking a pizza in the oven I decided to learn how to play the guitar. I made a song, and burned the pizza. All of the songs I made back then were deeply autobiographical, one of them was called Big Fat Cow. My dad is a musician and he had a jazz band that I played with a couple of times. We have one pub on Nesna called Thorvalds where I played my first concerts when I was fourteen. It was cool.”

At 16 Ida Maria wanted to move to South Africa, “just to check it out”, but her parents didn't allow her. So she got permission to move to Bergen on the southwest coast of Norway where she played a lot of solo gigs with her guitar and bass. She later moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where she “pretended to study” whilst forming a band with three other musicians and eventually running her own record label Nesna Records. Ida Maria hit the headlines last year in Norway when she won national radio station NRK P3’s talent competition ‘Urørt’ (Untouched). Now aged 23 she says “I am a bit eerie, I guess I am a bit like a cloud in that way. Floating in space. I am a weirdo, but in my "older" days I’ve become better and better at communicating with the outside world.”

Ida Maria’s debut single ‘Oh My God’ is out now on Nesna Records.

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Ida Maria’s debut single ‘Oh My God’ is out now on Nesna Records.Photo: Knut Aaserud

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