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Having emerged from her native Norway with the acclaimed 'Little Things' album in 2005, Hanne Hukkelberg returns to the UK following concerts in both 2006 and this year.

Norwegian singer Hanne Hukkelberg's 2005 debut album 'Little Things' was a charming impression of life in Oslo, notable for its imaginative use of found sounds and eclectic array of instrumentation. Her elfin but idiosyncratic persona coupled with a lazily seductive voice drew comparisons to everyone from Joanna Newsom and Björk, to Stina Nordenstam and Billie Holliday. She recently released her second album 'Rykestrasse 68', a tribute to the six months she spent living in Berlin. While it shares its predecessor's wide-eyed wonderment, Hukkelberg's experimentation has reached maturity. Her sounds are awash with inventive flourishes, with rhythm tracks constructed from the clacking of typewriters, kitchen utensils, a cat purring or the spinning of a bicycle wheel.

Born in 1979, she started singing and playing instruments at the age of three. Throughout her youth and musical education, Hukkelberg was a vocalist in various constellations, covering genres like jazz, rock, metal and free-jazz.

Reviews of ‘Little Things’ included:

  • 'Little Things' demands to be heard and cherished for its audacious beauty.'
    [The Sunday Times] CD of The Week
  • 'Warm whispers seem to dance in the air and the meaning of music is revealed' subtle and moving.' [Observer Music Monthly]
  • 'Little Things' is rooted in the strength of an extraordinary ordinariness and that's what makes Hukkelberg's album so compelling' [The Wire]
  • 'Little Things' arrives understated yet fully formed, a hushed but radiant bunch of songs...Hukkelberg's voice [is] equal parts Stina Nordenstam and Nina Simone" [Uncut ****]
  • 'Divine'A delicate and deliciously sensuous tiptoe through fairground folk, jazz and electronica. A subtle, soft-pawed delight.' [Time Out]
  • 'An astonishingly seamless mosaic... 'Little Things' is an album that best rewards close, undistracted attention, its every delicate tendril capable of sprouting a blossom.' [Pitchfork]

Hanne Hukkelberg
Thursday 28 June, 7.30pm
Queen Elizabeth Hall, Soutbank Centre, London
Tickets: £15.
To book, call 0871 663 2500 (open 9am - 8pm each day) or online,
click here.

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Norwegian singer Hanne Hukkelberg will perform at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 28 June.

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