Norwegian TV-personality with London concert

 Type:Culture, Music
 Location:England, London

Alex Rosén, a well-known actor and rock musician in his native Norway, heads to London to impress the capital's concert goers with his infamous antics.

The very outspoken actor and musician has made the headlines a number of times in both Norwegian news papers and the gossip press. However, lately he’s most recognised for his role in the film ‘One Love’, produced in Jamaica in 2003, where he plays Bob Marley’s producer, Mr Blackwell. Last year he also joined the boat ‘Berserk 2’ as an explorer to the North Pole.

Having previously played with The Highrollers and Go-go Gorilla, Rosén is now joined in London with his band The Young Dudes.

Alex Rosén
Spice of life
Sunday 4 February
6 Moor St, Soho (Next to The Palace Theatre)
Tickets £8 at the door. Doors open 7:30pm

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Alex Rosén hits London on 4 February.