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 Location:England, London

Norwegian storyteller Heidi Dahlsveen performs Norwegian and Sami folktales at the Barbican, London.

Heidi Dahlsveen, one of the foremost Norwegian storytellers at present, will perform alongside Swedish storyteller Mats Rehnman on 10 November.

Dahlsveen's performance is entitled 'At the Top of the Iceberg – Norwegian and Sami Folktales' and the barbican describes it as 'The ice castles of Norway are terrifying places, full of alluring light, beauty and lethal cold… Heidi Dahlsveen hunts out unusual stories in Norwegian folklore.'

Dahlsveen has been a professional storyteller since 1996 and is also a lecturer in the art of storytelling at Oslo University College.

Tickets £7
Venue Title: Barbican, The Pit
Venue Location: Level -2
Thursday 10 November 2005, 7.30pm

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Heidi Dahlsveen will be telling Norwegian and Sami folktales at the BarbicanPhoto: