Zadie Smith to the new home for literature in Oslo

Literature, and the people who love it, have been given a brand new meeting place. In late September Norway’s first and Europe’s largest House of Literature was launched in Oslo and it's already attracting world-famous names such as Zadie Smith and Naomi Klein.

Book readings, conversations and debates on a wide range of issues, as well as entertainment are some of the events that take place at the six different venues in the Norwegian House of Literature. It is prominently located by the Norwegian palace and with its 3500m² spread over five floors, the Norwegian House of Literature is the largest in its kind in Europe.

The overall goal is to motivate and boost children and adults' enthusiasm for Norwegian and international fictional as well as non-fictional literature. Moreover, to be a meeting place for all those who are interested in books and literature and engaged in society. The Norwegian House of Literature was founded by Freedom of Expression Foundation. It is inspired by a German literature movement from the 1980s.

“The house of literature is not solely established for the sake of fiction and classic readings. It is as much a house for non-fiction, sharing of knowledge, presentations and general debates”, says executive manager, Aslak Sira Myhre.

Internationally recognised authors such as Zadie Smith and Naomi Klein , as well as numerous Norwegian authors like Toril Moi, Frode Grytten and Knut Nærum, are just a few of the writers on this autumn’s program, which consists of 70 different events.

Norway's new house of literature. Photo: Askim/Lantto Arkitekter/Palcebo Effects

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Zadie Smith is one of the guests at the House of Literature this autumn.Photo: The Norwegian House of Literature

Naomi Klein appears at the House of Literature.Photo: The Norwegian House of Literature

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