Ibsen interest sparks new film and MA programme

2006 will commemorate Henrik Ibsen's death one hundred years ago. Extensive plans have been made by the National Ibsen Committee to mark this event. They include festivals, exhibitions, conferences, new Ibsen films and numerous Ibsen productions.

21/06/2004 :: Events in 2006 which will commemorate Ibsen's death a hundred years ago:

  • film festival
  • Ibsen exhibition
  • commemoration of Ibsen at the International Festival in Bergen
  • Ibsen Festival in Oslo
  • play about Ibsen
  • 11th Ibsen Conference
  • new historico-critical and commented edition of all Ibsen's writings, a new Ibsen biography
  • new Ibsen films and copious Ibsen productions

Also being planned are numerous co-operative activities and arrangements between Ibsen communities abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Master's degree in Ibsen Studies

For the first time ever students from all over the world can partake in a two-year full-time interdisciplinary study of Ibsen's dramatic art. From autumn 2004 the Centre for Ibsen Studies at the University of Oslo offers a two-year international Master's Degree Programme in Ibsen Studies.

Applications reportedly have already arrived from as far away as China and Africa, and the course will be limited to no more than 10 students.

New Ibsen film

Liv Ullmann has written a film script based on A Doll's House and will be directing an all-star team of actors (Kate Winslet as Nora, John Cusack as Helmer, Stellan Skarsgård as Doctor Rank and Tim Roth as Krogstad).

The film is a co-operative Norwegian-American project and will start shooting on the coast of Ålesund next January.

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Henrik Ibsen (1828 - 1906)