Cultural signposts will protect shipwrecks in Norway

The Norwegian Maritime Museum has begun a unique programme to protect historical landmarks underwater.

18/11/2005 :: Norway’s coastline has during the last years become a popular destination for divers who want to see cultural landmarks underwater. However, objects from wrecks where parts of the cargo is easily accessible are often removed by divers. By putting up these signs the Norwegian Maritime Museum hope that divers appreciate and respect these attractions.

The Norwegian Maritime Museum is in principle restrictive about revealing the position of the wrecks that are now getting signs. This is because the signs the first time around will be placed near attractions that are particularly vulnerable. The cultural heritage signs will in the first phase be placed near 30 shipwrecks in the south of Norway.

The signs are built of acid-resistant steel and titanium to resist saltwater and other sea problems, and will be placed at 10- 30 meters depths.

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Cultural signpost underwater. Photo: Pål Nymoen / Norwegian Maritime Museum

The signs will be placed in order to discourage plundering and vandalism.Photo: Pål Nymoen / Norwegian Maritime Museum

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