Soft Goat Cheese & Smoked Salmon on Toast

This recipe brings you just a little closer to experiencing the spectacular Norwegian fjords and mountains.

21/05/2004 ::  

Serves 4


· 200 g smoked salmon
· 2 tblsp chopped dill
· 125 g soft goat cheese with dill (for example Snøfrisk)
· 4 slices of toasted white bread
· Green lettuce


1. Place the slices of salmon on a rectangular piece of cling film. Work the chopped dill into the soft goat cheese and spread the cheese over the salmon. Roll the fish up in the plastic, starting from the short side of the rectangle and cover with cling film. Place the roll in the refrigerator for a few hours.

2. Cut the salmon into slices about 1 cm thick. Toast the slices of bread. Press small circles out of the slices - for example with a glass. Place the slices of salmon on the rounds of toast and decorate with shredded lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

Vel bekomme!

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