Say cheese!

2006 marks fifty years since an agriculture student handed in his assignment on a completely new type of cheese. The Jarlsberg cheese with its familiar large holes has long been a staple in the Norwegian diet, and is now also found in kitchens across the world.

The agriculture student and later dairy farm supervisor Per Sakshaug, probably hadn't predicted the results of his experiments at the Agricultural University of Norway when he developed a new type of cheese in 1956. According to TINE that produces Jarlsberg, 25 000 tons of Jarlsberg will be consumed worldwide in 2006. The brand has its strongest markets in the US, Australia and Canada, and the cheese is today available in several varieties. The cheese is also available from most of the leading supermarkets here in the UK.

In Norway, Jarlsberg is often used for sandwiches, however there are many other suitable dishes for this renowned cheese. Many have combined the Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese with other countries' culinary traditions, and TINE has collected several recipes to celebrate the cheese's 50th anniversary. Here is one option:

Jarlsberg fondue with herb croutons

600 g Jarlsberg
3 dl dry white wine
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp corn starch
1 dl milk
Pepper or cayenne
Click here to read the whole recipe and explore other culinary delights (.pdf-file)!

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