Chelsea manager in new Zwart film

The charismatic football manager Jose Mourinho will play himself in a football comedy with the working title ‘Playing Wide’ which is directed by the Norwegian film director Harald Zwart.

07/10/2005 :: The background to the somewhat special circumstances arose when the director made a commercial for the main sponsor of the football club Chelsea.          
– Mourinho was curious when I showed him some clips from the film. So we used the equipment we had on set to film him. He thought it was very funny, says Zwart to the Norwegian newspaper VG.

The director will not say too much about what role Mourinho will have in the film, just that the role is connected to the Norwegian football club Fredrikstad. The film will be screened in Norway 31 March next year, and Mourinho is invited to the premiere.

The film is a friendly football comedy about a charming group of male supporters. We follow the friends from their everyday life as car-salesmen and mechanics to a rigorous trip to the World Championship in football in Germany.

Harald Zwart is a well established Hollywood director who has produced films as ‘One Night at McCool’s’ and ‘Agent Cody Banks'.

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