Norway at London Film Festival

 Date:01/11/2004 - 03/11/2004
 Type:Culture, Film

One feature and two shorts at the London Film Festival: Uno by Aksel Hennie, Through My Thick Glasses by Pjotr Sapegin and Zenith by Bruce Parramore


(NFT = National Film Theatre)

Uno by Aksel Hennie: 1 Nov 6pm at NFT3 and 2 Nov 4.15pm at NFT3

David (Aksel Hennie, last seen in Buddy in last year's Festival) spends most of his time hanging around the local gym with his mates, working out, having a laugh and whiling the days away. He doesn't really approve of their racist posturing and petty criminal scams, but sometimes it's easier to be with them than to be at home. His dad is dying of cancer, he can't connect with his mum and his brother Kjetil has Downs Syndrome and is just too demanding. However, when faced with a hard decision, David chooses his family over his friends, thinking they will understand. They don't, and over the following days he learns there's a painful price to pay for transgressing their macho code. With a distinct visual style, (each day in David's week from hell is colour-coded in the colours of his brother's beloved card game 'Uno') this handsomely crafted and well written film addresses many oft visited themes with honesty and freshness. Debut director Hennie (who also wrote the screenplay and takes the lead role) has an assured touch and elicits fine performances from his cast, with an especially nuanced turn from Espen Juul Kristiansen as Kjetil. Frank and at times violent, Uno is a compelling and thought-provoking portrait of characters struggling to understand the rules of their game. 103 mins. (Sarah Lutton / London Film Festival)

Read the Time Out review of Uno here.

Through My Thick Glasses by Pjotr Sapegin
: 30 Oct 6.30pm at NFT2 and 1 Nov 2pm at NFT3

Grandpa tells his grand-daughter about when he was a boy in the war. 13 mins.

Zenith by Bruce Parramore
: 2 Nov 6.15pm at NFT2 and 3 Nov 3.45pm at NFT2

Two doctors are working in a war zone. The journey across the desert escorted by a child soldier will change the life of everyone present. 18 mins.

National Film Theatre, South Bank, London SE1 8XT
Tickets: 020 7928 3232

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Writer, director, actor Aksel Hennie in UNO

Bruce Parramore at the Berlin Film Festival

Pjotr Sapegin's Through My Thick Glasses

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