Epic Norwegian film now out on DVD

 Date:15/06/2009 - 30/09/2009
 Type:Culture, Film
 Location:England, London

‘Max Manus’, the World War II epic which got a quarter of Norway’s population to the cinemas in the space of six weeks at the end of last year, has now been released on DVD in the UK.

‘Max Manus – Man of War’ is the true story of the resistance fighter of the same name, who in spite of being one of the most wanted men by the Gestapo in Norway, participated in some of the most daring sabotage attacks during the Second World War.

After having fought as a volunteer in the Finnish-Russian Winter War, Max Manus, played by one of Norway’s most popular actors Axel Hennie, returns home to a Norway occupied by the Germans, in the spring of 1940. Before long he and his friends Gregers Gram and Gunnar Sonsteby start making trouble for the Germans. They build up a resistance network, collect weapons and explosives, and undergo training in England. From their safe apartment in Oslo, they carry out sabotage attacks against important Nazi targets, and they become increasingly more scheming. But the Gestapo investigator Siegfried Fehmer, played by German award-winning actor Ken Duken, worked determinedly and patiently to stop Max, and soon he starts to unravel the network around him.

Among other activities, they carry out spectacular raids against German ships in the Oslo harbour and the film includes one of the most well-known attack was the sinking of the slave ship Donau.

'Max Manus' is directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, and is the pair’s second feature film. The film cost around £5 million to make and several critics have called it ”The best Norwegian film ever”.

To see the film's official trailer, click here.

The city centre of Oslo was transformed back to the way it looked during WWII for the filming of Max Manus. Photo: Erik Aavatsmark / Filmkameratene AS

Popular actor Axel Hennie plays Max Manus in this Norwegian blockbuster. Photo: Erik Aavatsmark / Filmkameratene AS

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'Max Manus' was a box office hit in Norway after its release on 19 December 2008. It was seen by more than a million people within few weeks.Photo: Erik Aavatsmark / Filmkameratene AS

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