Norwegian films at children's festival

 Date:18/11/2007 - 25/11/2007
 Type:Culture, Film
 Location:England, London

'Elias and the Royal Yacht', a musical animation set in the Norwegian fjords, and comedy 'Svein and the Rat' will show at the Barbican as part of the London Children's Film Festival.

In 'Elias and the Royal Yacht', a brave little rescue boat shows how honesty and courage can win the day. Elias lives in the fishing village of Cozy Cove, where he hears stories of 'Fearless' the famous rescue boat. Determined to follow in his hero's wake, he starts in an exciting journey through dangerous waters: with the help of other marine characters, he must find the mysteriously missing Royal Yacht, and perhaps someone else even more special!

Discovering that most people dislike rats, Svein decides to show the world that rats are great in the comedy 'Svein and the rat'. When Melissa, the new girls in his class, suggests entering his rat Halvorsen in the annual pet contest, it seems the perfect occasion ti show how wonderful rats can be. But things go wrong for Svein at school and at home. Certain to fill the cinema with laughter, Svein and the Rat is a delightful comedy about responsibility, making new friends, and showing us that rats are cool!

London Children's Film Festival runs from 17 - 25 November.

'Elias and the Royal Yacht'
18 November, 10.30am
Barbican, Cinema 1
Tickets: £4.50
Norway 2007 Dir. Espen Fyksen and Lise L. Osvoll 76 min. In Norwegian with English subtitles (read aloud).
+ 'George's Crash Landing'
Our googly-eyed hero meets some helpful aliens with great DIY skills (UK 2007)
To book, click here.

Joint ticket offer - Film + Workshop (Hoist your sail and gooverboard creating your very own costume for the high seas.): £7.50 (telephone 020 7382 6178 or in-person bookings only). Age recommendation: 2+

'Elias and the Royal Yacht'
23 November, 10:30

Barbican, Cinema 1
School Programme
Film + Flip Book WORKSHOP

Tickets: £1 Film ticket per pupil with accompanying teachers free
Elias' Flip Book WORKSHOP is free for Elias' and the Royal Yacht ticket holders. Booking is required to attend the workshop. Please book beforehand by calling our booking line on 0207 382 7211 or email:

'Svein and the Rat'
Sun 25 Nov 11am

Barbican, Cinema 2
Tickets: £4.50
Norway 2006 Dir. Vibeke Ringen 72 min
In Norwegian with English subtitles (read aloud)
+ Surroundings
A powerful portrait of South London (UK 2007)
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Workshop: Rat Face (Before: 'Svein and the Rat' - free to film ticket holders)
25 November, 10am
Make a ratty mask!

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'Elias and the Royal Yacht' will screen at London Children's Film Festival.

'Svein and the Rat' shows at Barbican on Sunday 25 November.

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