Innovative menswear fashion by Norwegian designer

 Date:18/09/2005 - 23/09/2005
 Type:Culture, Fashion
 Location:England, London

Designer Siv Støldal is to be part of 'MAN', a menswear showcase to debut at London Fashion Week in September.

'MAN' is the result of a collaboration between leading chain store Topman and Fashion East, a non-profit project to support young talent in British fashion design. Showcasing for the first time this year at the London Fashion Week, this event is aimed to raise the profile of menswear, and do justice to the high level of work done within this field.

Born in 1973 in Norway, Siv Størdal has quietly been carving out a reputation for inventive menswear, graduating from London’s Central St Martins with an MA Fashion Menswear, for which she was awarded a distinction. Now living in London, she seeks through her work to find the bonds and relationships people have with clothing, and the role that clothes play as a part of our history and everyday life. She considers what clothing means to the individual wearer, with a new angle in each collection, and has in the past dealt with themes such as: ‘favourite clothes’, ‘unconscious dressing’ and  ‘What people wear on a Sunday’
Her memories of home-made costumes for special occasions, now worn-out and discarded in her grandparent’s attic back home, has acted as the catalyst in her work, where she transforms previously unloved items of clothing. Her traditionally tailored pieces are often conducted in unusual fabrics, such as felt, jersey or sleeping bags, and she cleverly introduces outer garments such as a bomber jacket which is in fact a reworking of a trench coat, thus the trench is disguised as a bomber jacket. Her questioning and understated mix-up of traditional men’s garments, creates the typical and pleasing confusion of her work. London’s b Store has been a staunch supporter since opening four years ago, and Browns Men’s shop is right behind her too.

The other two designers for this project in addiotion to Størdal are Benjamin Kirchhoff and Patrik Soderstam who were all chosen by a panel of fashion magazine editors, designers and store buyers.

London Fashion Week runs from 18-22 September.

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