First outing for new design talent

 Type:Culture, Fashion
 Location:England, London

A 2005 graduate from influential fashion school Central Saint Martins, new Norwegian designer Regine Mowill makes her debut with an off-schedule show during London Fashion Week.

The designer will show her latest collection at the 20th Century Theatre in London, a small venue where Laurence Olivier once played.

The new collection is based around the two sentences 'she sells seashells in the city' and 'tigers hunt for cherries in the countryside'.

"The first sentence deals with shape and cut, and the second translates into a print," Mowill says. "It is a take on the city - shells were used as an early form of payment in the exchange of goods. Cherries plays with notions of 'cherry picking', getting the good bits, as well as 'picking someone’s cherry' which has sexual connotations. Likewise 'She sells seashells..' can also have a similar interpretations. But it's not a terribly explicit thing. It is more about subtle undertones, subtle colours, subtle shapes and detailing. Perhaps stories which may go by unnoticed."

The show takes place on Saturday 18 February. The London Fashion Week ends the following day.

For more information, contact Regine Mowill on 0207 792 1973 or email

Designs from Regine Mowill's graduation show at Central Saint Martins

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