Environmentally friendly fashion for summer 2008

No, it's not bananas despite being carbon-neutral, ecological and bearing the Fairtrade mark. It is in fact the latest fashion must-have from Norway!

Environmental friendliness is the latest trend in fashion so the 2008 spring/summer collection from the Norwegian fashion company FIN is being produced with the environment in mind.

The clothes in the collection are being made of organically produced cotton that is entirely free of chemicals. FIN takes a close interest in the production of the cotton it uses, and supervises the entire process. This also allows it to cut out the middleman, and so offer competitive prices. The company also buys CO2 emission allowances through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a UN-approved project. 

"We wanted to create a fashion brand that in addition is organic and ethical - not an organic and ethical fashion brand. The latter has been done several times, but these treehuggers and hippies have seemed to forget the importance of the fashion and design part of their business," says Eivind Pytte Ødegård, partner in FIN.

FIN’s environmentally-friendly collection, which premiered at Oslo Fashion Week, has been designed by the internationally renowned Norwegian duo Arne and Carlos, whose creations can be found in exclusive boutiques in Paris, New York, Washington DC and Reykjavik.

The new collection will be shown at various international fashion trade shows, starting with New York and Paris in the autumn. 

Click the image to see the video from the FIN Catwalk at Oslo Fashion Week.

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Knitted top in organic Fairtrade labelled Pima cotton.Photo:

Knitted dress in organic Fairtrade labelled Pima cotton.Photo:

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