Norwegian fashion designer covers up Central London building

The exterior of Sketch, the Central London restaurant popular with the rich and famous, has been covered up in clothes by Norwegian menswear designer Siv Støldal.

Støldal has covered the restaurant for 14 days as part of her project ‘Cover Up’ where she investigates the connection between different clothing worn in different places. “ I myself choose to wear very different clothes in London and in the countryside of Norway,” she says. “Places dictate which clothes to wear.”

“For the collection 'Cover up' I decided to study two different locations – London and Tyssøy, Norway, a remote island in Norway where I grew up. I researched and documented the different textiles and clothes worn on Tyssøy, and the clothes worn in Three Colts Lane, London, where my studio is. It is interesting how different environments and surroundings influence which clothes you wear,” Støldal says.

From extensively researching this idea Støldal created the Cover Up menswear collection, and the logical next step was to use these garments to physically cover up the environment that inspired them. “I selected two key items from the collections, a coat and a shirt, and produced 300 Cover Up garments. The coats come in grey, orange, light blue and turquoise, and the two styles of shirts in navy. The colours are derived from extreme enlargements of images taken in Norway and around my studio in London, “ she explains.

Støldal previously used the cover-up garments to cover her large studio building in Three Colts Lane in January for one day. Then she went to Norway to cover a mountain in February, also for one day. Next she covered the building of Dennis Anderson Gallery in July for two days before making a cover up installation at the Gallery Fair in Copenhagen in August for four days.

The artist and filmmaker Lewis Ronald has fully document the project. He has been involved in all stages of Cover Up and produces innovative films and photography that compliment the ideas in the project. The film shows at the Sketch gallery until 15 September when the garments will be removed from the building.

‘Cover Up’
9 Conduit Street,
London W1S 2XJ
Tel: 0870 777 4488

Norwegian fashion design has taken over Conduit Street in Central London.

Støldal previously used the cover-up garments to cover a mountain in Norway in February.

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Siv Støldal's coats and shirts cover London's popular Sketch restaurant

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