Norwegian makeover for Museum of London

Norwegian design company Tape London is the team behind the Museum of London's new-look website which has just launched.

Accenting the pages with picture driven material, the new website is content-rich. Keeping a distinct site hierarchy, consistency in design and strict adherence to design elements, such as links and action-buttons, is paramount to a user-friendly and successful website, says Tape London. Variety in layout and presentation, whilst keeping structure and familiarity, helps displaying the various content in its optimal setting. This provides the users with an interesting and varied journey.

The site is built on a number of templates designed by the Norwegian company and implemented by the Museum of London's web team. After designing the main museum pages Tape has been involved in several other websites for the museum, building a raft of templates to be used in micro-sites and sub sections of the museum. Tape London also designed several games aimed at children visiting the Medieval London exhibition which opened before Christmas.

Museum of London Group consists of Museum in Docklands, Museum of London Archaeology Services and the Museum of London. The latter’s mission is to inspire a passion for London by communicating the city's history, archaeology and contemporary cultures to a wider world. It also aims to reach all of London’s communities through playing a role in the debate about the capital as well as facilitating and contributing to London-wide cultural and educational networks.

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The Museum of London's website is designed by Tape London