Norwegian technology wins world's best satellite photo

A beautiful picture of the mountain Dovrefjell won the first prize in the category of satellite photographs at a competition held at the 22nd International Cartographic Conference in La Coruña, Spain.

25/08/2005 :: The prize for the best satellite photograph was won by the three-man firm Geodatasenteret AS in Arendal. They have specialised in the processing of satellite data to create a picture that is as true to nature as possible.

The firm in Arendal in southern Norway has developed a technology based on satellite sensor information combined with a digital landscape model. Skilled interpretation of vegetation enables them to colour the satellite photographs so that they reflect the actual landscape more closely.

The jury highlighted the fine use of colour as one of the reasons for their selection. More than 1000 photographs were submitted to a total of eight categories in the competition.

The development of the colour coding system has been financed by the Norwegian Space Centre and Innovation Norway, among others. The Norwegian Space Centre has also made funds available for further development of this technology.

Photo: Geodatasenteret AS

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