100% Norway at 100% Design

 Date:23/09/2004 - 26/09/2004

Young Norwegian designers have gained recognition for creating some of the most dynamic designs in production today, and many of these award-winning designs are being showcased at 100% Design

The creative impact of Norway’s design scene hits London this September, where a new generation of designers will present a vision of contemporary style at 100% DESIGN. 100% Design is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most influential design events, combining dynamic young designers-makers with world-renowned manufacturers, creating an innovative and vibrant showcase for the best and the latest contemporary interiors products.

According to Nikolai A. Handeland, director of, when Scandinavian design has been presented internationally Norway was for a long time virtually invisible. This in spite of the long and interesting Norwegian design tradition. Fortunately this tendency is changing and the presence of Norway as a design nation is being recognized by some of the foremost design magazines such as “Wallpaper” and “Interni”, and through books about Scandinavian Design and major furniture exhibitions around Europe.

Manufacturer Pål Lunder (from Fjordfiesta Furniture)  was not content with the ideals and interest in contemporary design shown by the majority of norwegian furniture manufacturers and wanted to prove that Norway, in past and present, had excellent furniture and interior products and designers. He re-launched with huge success the famous Scandia collection from the Golden Age of Scandinavian Design (the 60’s). The Scandia collection was designed by Hans Brattrud and has not been in production since the 70’s until now.

Ingredients well mixed always produced good results. Pål Lunder with a master in architecture had the right ingredients to prove success. He inherited the interest for art and design from his mother and the spirit of making business from his grand father. These basic ingredients combined with his background as an architect and his friendship with the recognized design group “Norway Says” resulted in the founding of Fjordfiesta Furniture in 2001.

Designers and manufacturers depend on each other as Pål Lunder explains. The manufacturers benefit from the interest in Norwegian design and Norwegian designers benefit from the manufacturers’ interest in them and their products. The more products shown and produced the more attention the designer gets. Without this attention and recognition for Norwegian design it would be much harder for the manufacturers to sell the products in Norway and never mind abroad.

Young designers are showing their skills in the international arena and are getting recognized for their work. The interest for Norway as a design nation from the international press and media creates a free space to be filled with products from these young talents. There are lots of obstacles yet to be crossed, most of the Norwegian manufacturers are still investing in mainstream design but the ones putting their money into new design are already proving that there is business to make there.

100% design gives the possibility to meet other retailers, agents, customers and clients not only from the UK, but from all over Europe, the Far-East and USA. Pål has high hopes in building a much stronger international network, promoting at the same time his business at an international level.

Some of the names to be shown this year will include: Marius Sveen, Norway Says, Hole Design, Jens Olav Hetland and Johan Verde, Pia Myrvold, Cathrine Maske, Tanja Sæter, Lotte Karlsen, Anne Haavid and Bleed.

100% Norway from 23 to 26 September 2004 at Earls Court 2 London

Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce

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The 100% Norway stand at 100% Design

China wares by Figgjo

Getz Chair by Circus Design, vases by Cathrine Maske, modular sofa system by Norway Says