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The Pancras chair, the Papermaster and the Odlo logo won the three international design awards on the official Norwegian Design Day last Thursday.

07/01/2004 ::

Every year the Norwegian Design Council hands out the Award for Design Excellence and the Honours Award for Design Excellence to products and corporate identity programmes. Other awards include the International Design Award, Classic Award for Design Excellence and the Young Talent Award.

"The Norwegian Government has decided that Norway is to become a country focussing on innovation and the Design Day was innovation put into practice. Young Norwegian designers are on their way into traditional industry and the result is innovative products, said Jan Stavik, CEO of the Norwegian Design Council.

The purpose of the International Design Award is to make Norwegian design products visible across the borders of Norway and the prize is given to Norwegian designers and international clients for a product they have developed together.

The three international winners this year:

Chair in laminated wood, steel rod and upholstery
Designers: Espen Voll and Tore Borgersen in collaboration with Swedish Iform

The jury’s verdict:
Pancras has contributed to putting Norway on the map as a budding design nation. The chair is well proportioned and has beautiful details based on the construction, an exciting shape and an expression of unity.

Magazine holder in laminated wood.
Designer: Torbjørn Anderssen in norway says and Swedish Swedese Möbler.

The jury’s verdict:
The Papermaster has received great and well-deserved attention internationally, and is bought by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The shape has a strong symbolic power and gives clear associations to Scandinavian Design. It has an innovative and extremely individual expression, where the combination of magazine holder and table gives it an independent identity in line with a functional and modern tradition.

Logo for sports clothing brand Odlo
Company: Scandinavian Design Group for making the identity and package-design for Odlo International in Switzerland

The jury’s verdict:
As Odlo is about to be re-launched internationally, a new design had been developed. The new identity is presented as an extensive and consistent new profile for an existing brand. The logo is distinct with a dynamic and sporty shape, which is modern - yet timeless and elegant. The implementation is carried through at a high level with great attention to detail. The choice of blue as the main colour is bold and is perceived as fresh and unique in the sports clothing business.

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Pancras: Chair in laminated wood, steel rod and upholstery.

Papermaster: Magazine holder in laminated wood.

Odlo: Logo for sports clothing brand Odlo.

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