Concert: Surferosa at King Tut's, Glasgow

The Scotsman 6 April 2004

15/04/2004 ::  

Surferosa (five stars)

Despite what such dullards as the Stereophonics and Nickelback would have you believe, rock gigs are not just about swaggering riffs and solos. A truly spell-binding show has to add elements of excessive exhibitionism and more than just a touch of the surreal to infectious melodies, and Norwegian five-piece Surferosa have got this down to perfection.

Not even the eccentric warm-up sets from local guitar acts Figure 5 and Milestone could prepare us for the arrival of the synth-led glam explosion that was to follow. A monster-riffing and utterly magnificent camp concoction of asymmetrical haircuts, fluorescently coloured lycra catsuits and eyeliner burst onto the King Tut’s stage, playing addictive music that was somewhere between Blondie, the Scissor Sisters and The Darkness, with singer Mariann touting robotic dance moves that looked like a cross between Olivia Newton John’s best efforts and a Rosemary Conley workout.

Camilla Pia

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