CD: Jon christensen 'Selected Recordings', Jazzwise

Jazzwise June 2004

16/06/2004 :: Jon christensen - Selected Recordings (three out of five stars)

Jon Christensen’s disc in the excellent rarum series is unusual in that it contains not a single track in which the drummer was the leader of the session (indeed, this is his very first disc under his own namefor the label). The fact that he is included in this series is testament to the key role he has played within Manfred Eicher’s scheme of things over the years, and there can be no doubting the centrality of his own contributions to the music contained on the disc. His epigrammatic insert notes gegin with the statement ‘band feeling is more important than bravura’, and his selections reflect that dictum over and over with the leaders he has selected – Jarrett figures strongly with three cuts from the classic 70s ‘European’ quartet, and Towner with two, a searching duo and a quartet from Solstice. Fellow Scandinavians Rypdal, Stenson and Bjørnstad figure once each , and there is one cut from Masqualero, but as a trio with no horns. A strong and satisfying selection that transcends any perceived limitations of the ‘sideman’ role.

Kenny Mathieson

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