CD: Kim Hiortøy 'For The Ladies', The Wire

The Wire September 2004

03/11/2004 :: Kim Hiorthøy
For the ladies
Smalltown supersound cd

Possibly Loren Chasse’s nearest rival in the Most Prolific Artist stakes, Hiorthøy’s latest is an exploration of pure field recording. While he has already used such techniques, they’ve hitherto been employed as emotionally suggestive textures at the service of sparse, folky electronica rather than forming the basis of his work. As before, he has collated a series of small sounds documenting domesticlife, and obviouly feels that the raw recordings create enough resonance of their own to warrant an almost totally hands-off approach on his part. While For The Ladies achieves a calm, elegiac mood akin to flicking through a lost relative’s family album, the downside is that there’s a rather forced, selfconscious naivety to the project, a slacker-ish pallor that hampers attempts to engage with the sounds as anything more than cute documentary vignettes.

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