CD: Madrugada 'Grit', Manchester Online

Manchester Online March 15 2004

07/05/2004 ::  

NORWAY’s most successful musical export to date - mid-eighties pop icons A-Ha - or the more current Kings of Convenience don't provide much of a starting point for Madrugada. Think instead of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Hailing from the icy wastes of northern Norway, Madrugada bring us a third instalment of their particular brand of pre-apocalyptic rock'n'roll.

The album was recorded in Berlin with the help of PJ Harvey producer Head and for all the world sounds like they’d be right at home in a Mid-Western basement, spawned from the faceless suburban sprawl and not from an arctic wilderness.

Dark, atmospheric, and full of melancholic sweeping rhythm Grit pays tribute to the greats of the American musical subculture, but brings it off without sounding too derivative.

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Mark Richardson

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