CD: Erlend Øye 'DJ Kicks', Metro

Metro 21 April 2004

27/04/2004 ::  

(Four out of five stars)

The prospect of a Norwegian singing a Smiths song a capella over European electro does not, initially, fill the heart with hope. But this Norwegian is Erlend Øye, the brilliantly mournful voice that fronts nu-folkers Kings Of Convenience. We’re used to the bootleg mash-up that combine, say, Bananarama with cool electronica, but Øye turns it on its head – he is the one singing the snippets of Venus, Fine Night and Always On My Mind, turning them into chillingly sparse songs all of their own. Wisely, he uses this technique sparingly, but it all comes to a head with a quite superb marriage of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and a Röyksopp remix. Øye has re-invented a mix album medium that had got incredibly tired.

Ben East

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