Award-winning Widerberg exhibition

 Date:10/08/2004 - 30/09/2004

Frans Widerberg is considered by many to be the most important Norwegian figurative artist since Edvard Munch. This award-winning exhibition at Piano Nobile London features works by painter Frans Widerberg and his son sculptor Nico Widerberg

The exhibition was given the Gold Award for Best Sculpture by the British Interior Design Association at Art London.

Dream Time  :  Frans Widerberg

Frans Widerberg (b.1934) is considered by many as the most important Norwegian figurative artist since Edvard Munch. He has long enjoyed considerable critical acclaim in his native land and is no stranger to the British art world. Apart from Munch, he is the only other Norwegian artist who has exhibited consistently in Britain and whose work has been shown in context with our most distinguished artists. A comprehensive travelling retrospective in the late 1980s was followed by a major show at the Barbican Art Centre in 1992 and a substantial watercolours exhibition travelled to Newcastle and Brighton in 1993.

 His work is held by The British Museum and several galleries in this country as well as the National Gallery in Oslo and other major international public collections.

This year marks his 70th birthday with exhibitions at home and abroad to celebrate ‘...his created, metaphysical world in which one can happily wander and dream.’

Past in Future  :  Nicolaus Wideberg

Nicolaus Wideberg (b.1960) defines sculpture as ‘materialised pictures.’ His goal ‘ produce strength, communicate energy. There is something fascinating about creating something living out of an inanimate material.’
 His monumental figure sculpure is timeless whether it is made in granite, bronze, or more recently glass. Predominantly still and monolithic, it unites traditions as diverce as Middle Kingdom Egyptian, pre-classical Greek and the elongated presence of Giacometti.

Winning the open competition for the Monument to Thor Heyerdahl in 1987 established Wideberg’s career and the public commissions have been flowing ever since. He has produced an impressive collection of large-scale indoor and outdoor sculpture, sited prominently in Norway and other parts of Europe, including Great Britain where a 30 foot high bronxe commissioned for Newcastle is to be installed this Autumn.

His father’s 70th Birthday celebrations seem a fitting occasion to mount a joint exhibition of their work, to be een for the first time in Great Britain.

Piano Nobile exclusively represents the work of Nico and Frans Widerberg in London. The exhibition runs through September 2004.

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Frans Widerberg (b.1934) Landscape, 2004
Watercolour on paper 58 x 77cm; Nicolaus Widerberg (b.1960) Figure Line, 2001
Stone/steel 187 x 45 x 30cm

Nico Widerberg