Arctic beauty vs technology in Spitsbergen

 Date:17/09/2005 - 29/10/2005
 Type:Culture, Photography
 Location:England, London

Norwegian photographer Christian Houge has been invited to London’s Scout Gallery to exhibit his 'Arctic Technology' series.

Houge has been photographing the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, located between Greenland and the North Pole, over the past five years and made nine trips to finish this series. The exhibition will show seven, two-metre-long photographs and opens on 17 September.

The island is known as one of the cleanest places on earth, and the enormous technological structures enable scientists to study climate change, atmospheric pollution and space itself. The satellite receivers send and receive invisible information from space and enable people around the world to communicate.

Houge says the series clearly underline the strong contrast between the primal landscape and technology. “The series is a fiction-based documentary which explores the relationship between man, technology and the primal arctic landscape; man and man’s creations; our extrovert search for knowledge, and our introvert search for insight.

“They are foreign elements – technical installations placed for the sole purpose of research and communication,” he states. “They represent natures contrast; installations we immediately think of as visual noise. At the same time they can be regarded as strong metaphors for culture. The use of extreme shutter speed, makes it difficult to certify when these images are taken. It’s therefore difficult to establish a clear conception of depth, distance and scale in the photographs – the images become unassailable.”

Christian Houge has had numerous exhibitions in his native Oslo. In 2004 and 2005 he received arts grants from the Department of Culture as well as the Norwegian Artists Fund specifically to finish his 'Arctic Technology' series. The exhibition will last until the 29. October.

For further information contact :
Scout Gallery, 1-3 Mundy Street (off Hoxton Square)
London, N1 6QT
T: +44 (0)20 7749 0909

Dusk (Photo: Christian Houge):

Antenna Forest (Photo: Christian Houge):

Listening (Photo: Christian Houge):

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