Date:12/03/2005 - 13/03/2005
 Type:Culture, Visual Art
 Location:England, London

More than 50 of the most talented young Norwegian artists in the UK exhibit their works exclusively for two days at Candidarts in Angel, London. This is ÆØÅnorskart

Art students of all kinds will participate: photographers, film makers, painters, sculptors, animators, dancers, graphic-, product-, costume-, industrial designers, illustrators and typographers. The best works by young Norwegian artists are all at the same venue for two days only!

Not only will you get to see the magnificent works, the artists will be present at the exhibition themselves so you can talk to them and give them feedback on their work.

Around the site you will find more information about ÆØÅnorskart, the venue and the participating artists. All the pictures on this site are of works that will be exhibited.

About Norskart
ANSA (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad) UK took the initiative for the event which is held at Candidarts in North London on 12 and 13 March 2005.

All members of ANSA, who are also art students, were offered to participate in ÆØÅnorskart for free. This is a unique opportunity for the students, and something similar has never been arranged in the UK before.

Usually, you either have to be a well-known artist or have a lot of money to get a chance to show your work in an event of this scale. As an art student you rarely have neither. ÆØÅnorskart is an excellent chance for the artists to reach a wide public and also art professionals who might be future partners.

"Through ÆØÅnorskart we will show that Norwegian artists keep a high international standard, and that they are to be counted on in the years to come. The exhibition appeals to a wide audience and is held in a large and well-known gallery" says Ida Uvaas, project manager.

Two floors at Candidarts has been hired to room the young artists. We will see a wide spectre of genres, and no constraints have been laid on the artists. This will be a weekend of dance, drama, paintings, photographs, ceramics and more.

ÆØÅnorskart hope to attract both a Norwegian and an international audience. This is not only an art exhibition, but also an excellent opportunity for the artists to make contacts in an industry which is hard to break into. At the exhibition, visitors, art professionals and potential partners get the VIP tour inside the Norwegian art scene.

ÆØÅnorskart is organised by volunteer students. It is the artists that benefit from the project, and no one leaves ÆØÅnorskart with a profit.

This year's event is hopefully the start of making ÆØÅnorskart into an annual event, and with time it might turn out to be a renowned and popular exhibition in the art metropolis London.

ÆØÅNorskart in London

12 and 13 March

3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ
Tel: 0207 837 4237
To find the best way to get there, use the Journey Planner

students: £3 per day
others: £4 per day

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