Norwegian artist exhibiting monoprints

 Date:14/09/2005 - 25/09/2005
 Type:Culture, Contemporary Art
 Location:England, London

Therese Nordtvedt is one of the artists participating in the exhibition, Monoprints, which will showcase the work by students and members of Lewisham Arthouse.

This exhibition features monoprints by artists from various disciplines such as animators, painters, sculptors, illustrators, textile artists as well as printmakers who have all been exploring the medium from their own unique perspective. The most direct form of printmaking, monoprinting has encouraged these artists to work in fresh and exciting ways.

In addition to Nordtvedt, the other featured artists include Michael Bartell, Joanna Billingham, Jenny Dennison White, Bob Godfrey, Terry Humphrey, Anita Gwynn, John Jukes Johnson, Sally Judd, Nina Necak, Rachel Pank, Rosey Prince, Heather Steed and Joanna Weller.

The exhibition opens Wednesday 14 September and lasts until the 25th.

Arthouse Gallery
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD

For more information and tickets, contact the Arthouse Gallery on 0208 244 3168 or email

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Artwork as part of the Monoprints exhibition