Mindscape: visualizing the mind

Ever wondered how states of mind emerge from the electrical activity of individual nerve cells, and what this might actually look like? Mindscape is an audio-visual artwork that invites you to consider what forces may be at play at an inner level. The exhibition runs from April 1 to 13 at the Unitarian Church, Brighton.

29/03/2004 ::  

Mindsape – visualizing the mind by deriving artistic inspiration from the brain is created through a collaboration between Norwegian artist Sol Sneltvedt and neuroscientist Michael O'Shea from the University of Sussex.

Visualising the complex dynamic interactions between the microscopic processes associated with brain mechanisms and the unbounded properties of the human mind is a difficult problem. At the interface of art and science, Mindscape is an instructive and challenging visualisation of this fascinating phenomenon.

Highly magnified images of nerve cells in the brain have been digitised, processed and combined with sound to represent the dynamics of the brain in action. The animations and sounds are determined by electrical impulses recorded with microelectrodes placed inside living nerve cells in culture. Sounds derived directly from these electrical recordings have been further processed to create atmospherics that reflect fluctuating states of mind.

Abstract mathematical modelling of the spread of chemical messages in the brain has been used to generate a vision of how states of mind flow from the electrical activity of individual nerve cells. Blip is a discussion group and forum for people interested in new forms of art that explores the boundaries between art and science, interaction, emergence, generative and procedural processes, teleprescence and artificial life.

The Mindscape team consists of: Norwegian artist Sol Sneltvedt; neuroscientists, Michael O'Shea, Volko Straub, Amar Chiter and Swidbert Ott; computer scientists, Lincoln Smith and Tom Smith and computational neuroscientist Andy Philippides of the University of Sussex, and artist Charlie Hooker.

Mindscape is jointly funded by the University of Sussex, the Arts Council of England and the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

Private view 5.30 - 7.30pm Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton BN1
7.30 - 11.00pm Party hosted by Blip at Sussex Arts Club, Ship St. Brighton

Exhibition open
daily, 2.30 - 6.30pm 1 to 13 April at the Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton BN1


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