Marit Følstad at Museum of Installation

 Date:22/09/2004 - 16/10/2004
 Type:Culture, London

In her first UK solo show, Følstad brings together a series of sound and video installations that invite the viewer to consider how we define and create our own personal space within a noisy and chaotic world

The Museum of Installation presents Strategies for Living, an exhibition by the Norwegian artist Marit Følstad.

In her work, Følstad asks the viewers to contemplate how they navigate their lives through the interplay of daily rituals.  In this way, she questions how we make personal choices within the public domain.  In a society that moves at a frenetic pace where we are getting ever more distracted from ourselves, Strategies for Living attempts to slow us down and to suspend or create a new form of time.

Wednesday 22nd September - Saturday 16th October 2004

Museum of Installation
171 Deptford High Street
London SE8 3NU
Tel: 020 8469 4140

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