Norwegian artist to exhibit in new gallery space

 Date:23/04/2008 - 06/05/2008

Goldsmith Students’ Union will launch its own art gallery on 22 April, and the very first exhibition will be showing works by Norwegian artist – and Goldsmiths alumnus – Andreas Tovan. The Exhibition is on from 23 April – 6 May.

The exhibition, named ‘Man at his Toilet’, is a collection of photographs and film clips taken of places where the artist has urinated since 2006. It is a raw representation of Andreas Tovan’s daily routine and brings a highly personal and often overlooked subject into the public sphere. The work simultaneously provokes us to question the act of urination itself, whilst also hinting at the sexual taboos of male urination.

‘I am sure some will find the work offensive or disgusting. I hope it will spark an interesting debate. People who haven’t actively engaged with the socio-political issues of urination might view it as shock-art. It’s not,’ explains Tovan, who has completed both a BA and MA at the University.  

23 April – 6 May
The Gallery
Goldsmiths Students’ Union
Dixon Road
New Cross
London SE14 6NW


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Urinal Shanghai, 2006.Photo: Andreas Tovan.

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