Magne Furuholmen exhibits at Paul Stolper

 Date:22/09/2004 - 09/10/2004

Whilst Magne is already internationally known as writer and keyboard player with seminal group A-ha, he has also established himself both in Norway and abroad as both ceramicist and printmaker, with works in private and public collections

Paul Stolper is pleased to announce the launch of a new portfolio of twelve prints by Magne Furuholmen:

Magne F
Payne’s Gray (Drawing From Memory)

A new portfolio of prints by Magne F
Published by Paul Stolper 2004

22nd September - 9th October 2004
Gallery hours Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 6pm

Magne's portfolio exhibition, 'Payne's Gray' (Drawing from memory), together with a group of paintings was launched at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway. After exhibiting in London with Paul Stolper, the portfolio will travel to Edinburgh Printmakers, November 6th – November 20th.

The portfolio is accompanied by a 12” vinyl remix of Magne’s forthcoming album, ‘Past Perfect, Future Tense’. This notion of cutting and pasting the music, to re-configure the songs into one new piece, runs parallel to the methods he uses in making the prints.

Each image uses the hand-written lyrics of the songs as a visual tool and language, to construct an overall composition and visual picture, and to deconstruct and de-code the written word.

Magne worked directly onto the plates, writing and mark making into the surface, and at times vigorously scratching the words on. By employing different textures and strengths of incisions he is able to emphasise certain words and phrases, in much the same way that the songs are constructed and built up using different instruments. He also incorporates shapes that can either hide or reveal selected words. They give the pictures a visual depth, whilst also emphasising or dwarfing the text. Having spent a great deal of time building up a collection of songs, there seems to be a certain satisfaction in being able to toy with them visually.

The A-ha member is in London to open his East End exhibition at Paul Stolper Gallery and play from his new album 'Past Perfect, Future Tense'. Recorded in London in 2004, it features appearances from amongst others Ed Harcourt, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion of Coldplay, and Andy Dunlop from Travis. This is a perfect piece of beautiful melancholic Scandinavian song craft. Along with his concert, Magne has constructed an interactive visual show with low-tech graphics complimenting the music's unfiltered emotional nerve.

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From Payne's Gray (Drawing from Memory)