Norwegian contemporary art at Liverpool Biennial

 Date:20/09/2008 - 30/11/2008
 Location:England, Liverpool

Norwegian artist Maren Juell Kristensen will take part of the NICE08 exhibition at Independents: Liverpool Biennial 08.

With the exhibition ’art will absolve me’, Norwegian artist, Maren Juell Kristensen’s works revolves around ‘doing the right thing’ and what happens when something terrible becomes neutralised, or even beautiful from a far away perspective. Her art is exhibited at NICE08 which is part of Independents: Liverpool's Biennial 08.

Maren Juell Kristensen's work is concerned with the expectation of meaning and the wish for fulfilment and purpose. She frequently uses video, both as a device for storytelling and as a physical presence of light where the dramaturgical and material composition of the video is an essential part of the concept. The recurrent, familiar and repeating narratives in mass media and popular culture are used for their symbolic and emotive values. Often within a pictorial language and directness borrowed from other media. The exhibition consists of four video pieces and four watercolour series, where the installation and objectification is as important as the content.

Maren Juell Kristensen has an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design.  She worked and studied in London for seven years before she moved home to Oslo, Norway where she is currently based. Maren has exhibited widely in Norway and abroad and was represented at the ‘LIGHTS ON – Norwegian contemporary art’ exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art earlier this year. 

NICE is a combined arts festival presenting collaborative works between the UK and the Nordic countries. Its participants range from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the UK. NICE's aim is to highlight the heritage links between Liverpool, this year's European city of culture, and the Nordic countries by exploring contemporary art and culture, music and dance. Liverpool's year as European City of Culture is an excellent opportunity to create a festival that will form links that will last beyond 2008 and we hope to provide future collaborations and events within Liverpool's best venues and galleries.

NICE08: FIVE NORDIC WOMEN 20/09 – 30/11
Novas CUC, Greenland Street, Liverpool UK

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Maren Juell Kristensen's work is concerned with the expectation of meaning and the wish for fulfilment and purpose.

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