First UK solo exhibition for Norwegian artist

 Date:24/03/2006 - 30/04/2006
 Type:Culture, Contemporary Art
 Location:England, London

Knut Henrik Henriksen presents his first UK solo exhibition at the Hollybush Gardens Gallery where he employs a set of rules and restrictions in his work to investigate the potential of sculptural language.

At Hollybush Gardens, this economy of means has led Henriksen to tracing all combinations of lines between corners in the gallery space, a process that provides a grounding logic of infinite potential. This process can be seen as a kind of mapping, a meta-structure that expands beyond the gallery walls. In fact, this logic forms the basis of further exhibitions later this year that will take place in Oslo and Malmö.

Another method of division employed by Henriksen in his making is the use of architectural measurements. Here the formal aspects of the work emerge from measurements that come either from architectural specifications, or pre-exist in mass produced materials and formats.

In 'Untitled', a piece of photographic wallpaper that measures a quarter of one of the gallery walls is intersected by these invisible lines, creating a template, the result of which resembles a large scale geometric jigsaw puzzle: Henriksen uses a wallpaper found in the neighbourhood of his studio in Berlin, and the pattern is a typically familiar landscape scene, bringing with it a set of signifiers that encourage a feeling of recognition.

In a corner of the room an interpretation of Brancusi’s 'Endless Column' climbs up the wall. The sculpture is made using standard sized sheets (A2) of mirror that have been cut diagonally in half and folded, a doubling that is further implied by the use of mirror itself.

In 'Landscape' a piece of carpet has been cut to the shape of the gallery to a smaller scale. Placed halfway between floor and wall, this model is no longer recognisable as a representation of the gallery. On top of the carpet Henriksen has placed smaller sculptures made out of wallpaper, Styrofoam and other fragile materials. These sculptures have a more subjective almost expressionistic presence creating a landscape of failed monuments. Like other aspects of Henriksen’s practice this element of playing with different scales engages our sense of physicality, recalling the imaginary landscapes of Jonathan Swift.

Knut Henrik Henriksen lives and works in Berlin. Recent projects include Sehnsüchtig gleiten Ballone rund um die Welt, Berlin (2005)Shaping Imagination, Fri-Art, Centre for Contemporary Art, Fribourg, Switzerland (2005), The stars are so big, the earth so small… stay as you are, Esther Schipper, Berlin and Studio Manuella Klerkx, Milano,(2005), Architectural Doubts, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum Für Gegenwart, Berlin (2004)

Knut Henrik Henriksen
Hollybush Gardens Gallery
24 March – 30 April
Thursday - Sunday 12–6PM
Hollybush Gardens
Unit 2, B.J. HOUSE
10 — 14 Hollybush Gardens
London E2 9QP
TEL: 0207 739 9651

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Henriksen uses the gallery space in his art

Knut Henrik Henriksen's first UK solo exhibition runs at the Hollybush Gardens between 24 March and 30 April