'Kitsch witch' exhibits in London

 Date:10/11/2005 - 25/11/2005
 Type:Culture, Contemporary Art
 Location:England, London

Norwegian painter Helene Knoop, renowned for her old-fashioned style despite being only 25 years old herself, will exhibit her work in London.

Knoop has made a name for herself by painting in the style of the old masters and being decidedly non-contemporary. Her art has been described as kitsch and her mentor is the 'enfant terrible' of Norwegian art, Odd Nerdrum.

It is said that emotions run high in Knoop´s painting, but happiness is rare. "Smiles don´t last as long as serious expressions", she says. In terms of Norwegian art, Helene Knoop prefers the early Munch and adds: "The scream is probably his very worst painting".

One of the paintings, 'Terje Vigen', depicts the protagonist in Ibsen's epic poem about a fisherman whose livelihood is interrupted by the English naval blockade during the Napoleonic wars. Helene Knoop interprets the story of how Terje Vigen was discovered by the English fleet as he was rowing back from Denmark with his precious load of grain to feed his starving family. In her painting, she gives a psychological presentation of Vigen in an authentic manner and with the climax looming. Knoop is cooperating with the composer and theatre producer Kjell Ole Haune on a music and literary project for the Ibsen Centenary Year in 2006.

The exhibition opens at Åmells on Thursday 10 November and runs until the 25th of November.

Åmells London
4 Ryder Street
St James's
London SW1Y 6QB

Thursday 10 November 6-8pm
11-25 November 10am-6pm
Closed Saturdays

For more information, contact Åmells Gallery on 020 7925 2759 or email
Fax: +44 (0)20 7321 0210

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'Fair', by Helene KnoopPhoto: © Helene Knoop

'Terje Vigen', by Helene KnoopPhoto: © Helene Knoop

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