Dying sparrow at Tate Modern

 Date:12/05/2004 - 04/07/2004

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset have created an animatronic model of a dying sparrow, currently on display at Tate Modern. The symbolic installation forms part of the Untitled series of eight-week displays focusing on a particular theme or tendency in contemporary art practice. 12 May - 4 July


Elmgreen and Dragset's work cite the minimalist aesthetic of classic modernist architecture while being infused with a deadpan and subversive sense of humour.

Michael Elmgreen, born in 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark and Ingar Dragset, born in 1969 in Trodheim, Norway have collaborated since 1995. Their work explores the relationship between art, architecture, and urban planning, and tests notions of what characterises space as private or public.


Untitled at Tate Modern
Untitled gallery, Level 2
Bankside, London SE1
(North Entrance)

Tour: Elmgreen and Dragset invite you on a historical walking tour of Tate Modern, 18.30 (21 June)
Film and Video Screening: Building Identities, 15.00 (20 June)


Small photo: Andrew Dunkley and Marcus Leith
Copyright: Tate

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Elmgreen and Dragset at Tate ModernPhoto: Andrew Dunkley and Marcus Leith

Short Cut Milano

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar DragsetPhoto: Kirsten Pieroth