First London exhibition for talented Norwegian artist

 Date:08/09/2005 - 09/10/2005
 Type:Culture, Contemporary Art
 Location:England, London

Goldsmith's College graduate Eline McGeorge will present her solo exhibition 'Departure of a Stranger' at the Hollybush Gallery in September.

Although Eline McGeorge works across different mediums, a consistent interest in drawing brings forays into other materials back onto common ground. All works are constructed out of materials such as wood, plastic, coloured paper tape and low-tech animation, and explore the physical construction of humans, landscape and architectural forms.

The artist describes her work as a line drawn black and white animation contrasts cubist style figures – a variety of beings appearing in a charged landscape with dark clouds hanging over mountain tops. "There are no clues to a specific time or place," she says. "From right to left creatures move through the anonymous landscape. Bodies, skulls, skin and architectonic structures exist side by side."

McGeorge’s drawings use pencil and watercolour to reveal tenderly a world of hybrids that could be adding to the taxonomy of existing modern day mythologies. The drawings and animations mediate between two and three dimensional space, extending into a communication system where idea and material have corresponding value within a domestic sensibility that tips over into the unknown. Paper objects, made out of straightforward folds, often gather in corners to climb up walls. Other sculptures are more structurally solid. Made of folded plastic and spray painted they most resemble marquettes of Modernist architectural experiments, without the grandiose gesture that this may once have implied. Within such an arrangement the incongruous figure of an animal might appear in the form of a carved wooden sculpture, inspired by creatures common in the Nordic region.

Eline McGeorge lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Boundless, Stenersen Museet, Oslo (2005), Possibilities of another place, Display Gallery, Prague (2004), and Draught/Trekkur, Kling & Bang Gallery, Reykjavik (2004).

The exhibition is open Thursday – Sunday 12–6pm, or by appointment, from 9 September to 9 October. A private viewing is available on 8 September from 7-9 pm. For further information, contact:

Hollybush Gardens
Unit 2, B.I. House
10 - 14 Hollybush Gardens
London E2 9OP
020 7739 9651

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Photo: Eline McGeorge

Photo: Eline McGeorge

Photo: Eline McGeorge